Convergence looks to grow a thriving community in South Los Angeles by cultivating entrepreneurial efforts among those underserved to create social, economic, and spiritual transformation.

We are looking for Tapestry members who can serve as consultants to the aspiring entrepreneurs in South LA. Convergence is also looking for people who can serve as mentors in the 6-month incubator for entrepreneurs in South LA beginning this June. Please register below if you're interested!



 A consultant is a professional from various industries, such as social media marketing, hospitality, or accounting. As a consultant you will leverage your experience in your field of work to provide services and advice to the participants of the Convergence Incubator. What makes a consultant different from a mentor is that a consultant will be contacted for a specific business need of the entrepreneur, whereas a mentor will be joining the 6-month incubator to advocate for his/her assigned entrepreneur.


 If you have been a founder/owner of a business, or if you have launched a new product or line of business within a corporation, we would love for you to consider registering to be a mentor.  Join us in our exciting pilot to bring restorative development to our city.


In partnership with Hope Ventures and TapestryLA Church, we are inviting entrepreneurs from South Los Angeles to participate in a 6-month Convergence Incubator, designed to help participants either launch or scale their businesses. Incubator begins in June 2021 and will end in November 2021.

Let's work together.

We'd love to hear from you. Fill out the form below if you have any questions or would like to contact the Convergence Team.