Race Education & Action Guide

Vision & Purpose

At Tapestry LA we realize that the local church should serve as a sign and foretaste of Christ’s coming Kingdom.  With this mission we understand that how we identify ourselves in light of race and ethnicity makes a huge impact on being the witness that Christ has called us to be.  

In the pursuit of embodying the Gospel we want to offer this resource to help you, the church, further this Kingdom vision of being a body of all colors and class and by taking those small but significant steps towards equity and racial reconciliation. The following are varied offerings of how we can respond through the posture of learner but also actor.  

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Steps to Take

Pray, Lament, Repent

We recognize that the issues of racism and discrimination are not mere sociological or institutional ones.  It is rooted in spiritual depravity and needs to be addressed.  As we make steps towards greater understanding and reconciliation we need to approach this with prayer, lamenting and repenting.

Educate Ourselves

Often our opinions about certain topics are shaped by hearsay and attitudes or dispositions adopted by those around us thus perpetuating misinformation and prejudice.  To better equip ourselves we need to have better information.  By educating ourselves we will be able to facilitate thoughtful discussions and make more informed decisions.  We've compiled a non-exhaustive list of suggested readings, videos, and talks below.


One of the best ways to respond is by providing your presence.  Often good intentions are left at just that without ever having taken the first step.  Consider partnering with Tapestry LA as we seek to combat the areas of racism, discrimination and inequity in our own city, church and lives.


Consider financially supporting one of these local or national organizations that are on the forefront of the fight against injustice and inequity.
Some examples are:

Engage Civically

Participate in local and national elections. Read the agendas, discuss and prayerfully consider who you should vote for in upcoming elections. These votes count towards helping undo the systems of injustice that are so ingrained within our politics and the way we run our country. Attend city council meetings and help establish a greater presence through emails and calls as the respective representatives are required to take note.

For the City of Los Angeles:

Suggested Educational Resources

While we have provided a range of resources to read, listen, and watch, it is by no means an exhaustive or complete list.
We encourage you to continue learning and taking steps towards racial equity and justice.




Resources for Children and Parents